Redemption for Subscription Payments

Redemption Windows (Senior Hockey Only)

  • It is acknowledged not all players will play all 22 games of the season and also that there will  be away games where members have been a designated team driver.
  • Therefore each week captains will report to a central database the team that played and who drove in the case of away games
  • There will then be 2 redemption window opportunities a season where members can submit a request for a match fee reimbursement due to not playing, driving or umpiring.
  • This will be calculated at £7 per match, as per the individual match fee (£5 for juniors playing senior hockey).
  • Redemption forms will be made available on the website when the window opens
  • When received a redemption form will be checked against the central records and payments will be made to your nominated account via BACS within 14 days of the window closing date, or the treasurer will contact you to discuss any issues.

Please email the completed form to the Club Treasurer