We are pleased to announce the new club shirt is now available to order. The current shirt sponsorship is coming to an end at the end of the season and a new direction is being taken with the way we have sponsorship displayed so this means the shirts won’t have a sponsor across the front. As a longer term plan it means that once you buy one it will last longer than any potential sponsors and reduce the need to change shirts every few years. Because we are introducing this sooner than planned we are not making it mandatory to buy one right away. If you have just bought a shirt that is fine, continue to wear it with pride. The new shirt will still be available when you are ready for one.

We have worked closely with a new shirt supplier Surridge Sports, and I must admit the results look fantastic. All the usual things are present, purple, maroon and the dragon, however the dragon is making a bigger impact this time! All the club has been catered for and we have a full set of sizes to cater from the largest of players right down to the juniors.

The cost of each of these quality items is £21 for a senior shirt and £17.50 for a junior size shirt. As far as sizing’s go I have been informed they run pretty true however there are some sizing samples available. A full range of training kit will follow shortly (depending on potential sponsors) but for now we just wanted to get the shirts out there. We will be opening various order windows through the season to get ready for next year.

HDHC shirt design