Welcome to the resources page for Huddersfield Dragons Hockey Club Juniors

The aim is for you to use this page as a jumping of point for all the information that juniors and/or parents (or carers) need

If you would like to enquire about you child coming down to join us at Huddersfield Dragons please contact Gayle Coldwell on 07717 318846 or email

Bad Weather Cancellation


Sunday Training

In the event of bad weather, the astro pitch will be checked before 9.15am. Each team manager will be contacted to advise if training will be proceeding as normal. A message will be left on the Hockey Mobile Phone stating if training will be running.

In the event of cancellation due to any other reason, we shall attempt to contact all members via email at the earliest opportunity. We are unable to contact all members by telephone.

Tuesday Training

We will try to contact members by e-mail prior to training in the event of sessions being cancelled. Updates will also be placed on the website under Training Information

If in doubt please call Kelly Fillingham on 07794358689 or Gayle Coldwell on 07717 318846

Accident Reporting

The junior section has a policy for accident reporting and coaches/managers have a supply of forms and will ensure that full details of all accidents are logged.